Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies are one of my favorite healthy drinks to make.  I really enjoy having a smoothie for breakfast.  They give me the energy I need in the morning to kickstart my day.  They are super simple to make and allow you to pack in a lot of nutrients into a yummy drink!  I was recently asked what I eat to stay healthy and in good shape.  So, I decided to share my favorite smoothie recipe with everyone.


These are the basic ingredients I use whenever making a basic smoothie:
Frozen StrawberriesFrozen RaspberriesFrozen BlueberriesBananaGreek YogurtSpinach

Some other ingredients you may want to try adding are:
BlackberriesMangoesPeachesClementinesGrapesKiwisPomegranate SeedsKaleProtein PowderFlax Seed

In the smoothie pictured above I used a mango in addition to all of the basic ingredients.  If I ever need to add any liquid I try to stick with water to keep the calories as low as possible.


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