April Lust List

This year seems to be flying by so quickly!  This month has been extremely hectic for me.  Unfortunately, I've found myself having very little time to update my blog as often as I would like.  Anyways, here is my Lust List for the month of April!

April Lust List

Express Top

Express Shorts
Express Shorts
The style of these shorts makes them perfect for the summer.  Since they have a long inseam they sit lower on the thigh giving them a very classy look.  I love how they look on the model wearing the orange top.  These shorts also come with the skinny belt, as shown, which is just one more reason for them to be on my Lust List!

Express Pants

Express Pants - Purchased
I purchased these pants this month and couldn't be happier with them!  I bought the pants in the fuchsia and coral colors.  On the model they are ankle pants, but since I'm so short they fit like impeccably tailored pants on me.  I like the look so much I've decided that rather than hemming them, I will keep them as they are.  Additionally, the fabric of these pants is so soft and comfortable against the skin.

Steven Heels

Steven Heels (Blush)

Burberry Boots
For years now I have been looking for the perfect pair of rainboots.  I keep coming back to the Burberry brand for my ideal boot, so I did a little searching and found this beautiful pair that I will hopefully be able to add to my wardrobe soon.

This month has been super busy for me.  I have had very little time to shop (or even online shop).  I have also been trying to save more money than usual for when I start grad school in the Fall.  Thank you all so much for your positive and encouraging words on each of my posts.  It really means a lot to know that you all can be so genuinely happy for me!  I am very grateful for each and every person who has taken time to look at my blog and have a peek into my life!!!



  1. I've always loved those Burberry boots. They are classic!


    1. I know what you mean, they're such a classic piece! Thanks for checking out my blog!!!


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