Fashion A To Z

A - Accessories
Accessories are the glue that hold a look together.  Belts can define a waistline, scarves can add another dimension as a necklace or as part of a top, hats can give a cool edge to an outfit (not to mention cover up a bad hair day), glasses can accentuate and frame the face, and bags and purses function in holding pretty much our life essentials.  Accessories are so versatile and can allow an outfit to be transformed into a wide variety of looks.

B - Budget
This is without a doubt the most important part of building a wardrobe.  It's crucial to be a budget savvy fashionista as to not drive yourself into debt just because you want to get the newest pair of Louboutins.  You never want to spend more than you are capable of maintaining.  In this respect, it is important to set a weekly, monthly and yearly budget to keep yourself on track.

C - Color
People tend to gravitate towards certain colors.  I gravitate towards bright, vibrant colors and warm hues.  Knowing the colors you gravitate towards is important because it allows you to consciously pick colors that you may not otherwise have chosen.  I try to step outside of my comfort zone and take fashion risks whenever I can and color is one of the easiest places to do this.

D - Denim
Denim is one of the most utilized textiles in the fashion world.  That being said, finding the right pair of jeans for your body type is quite possibly the hardest thing to do.  Finding the right pair of denim jeans is a process that takes time.  Personally, I have a problem finding jeans that fit my derrière without gapping at the top.  Everyone's body is different and finding the right pair of denim jeans may sometimes not be easy, but the hunt is well worth it when you do.

E - Embellishments
Embellishments are meant to add a touch of individuality to an outfit.  From spikes to feathers to sequins and more, embellishments can make an outfit special.  My personal favorite types of embellishments are sequins.  I am a sucker for anything sparkly because I think it makes each outfit standout and exudes my personality.


F - Fit & Flatter
I believe that every outfit you own should fit properly and be flattering to the body (with the exception of loungewear).  The fit of an article of clothing is crucial to creating the best possible fit to the body.  It can also aid in creating illusions, like a smaller waist or a leaner physique.  Garments that compliment the body can make you look more sophisticated and put together with very little effort.

G - Get Rid Of It
Getting rid of outdated, unflattering, or unworn items will help you maintain a more organized wardrobe, not to mention make you feel free of extra baggage.  I've heard of a technique where at the beginning of the year you turn all of your hangers so they are facing towards you, and once you wear an item you turn the hanger so it faces the opposite way.  At the end of the year you can get rid of all the unworn items.  Another method some people use is the rule that for every one thing you purchase, you must get rid of one item in your closet.  I am not that strict with myself, but what I like to do is seasonal cleaning.  Every spring and fall I go through my closet and purge it of everything that I no longer need.  Giving away your lightly used, unwanted items to charity is a great way to help those who struggle to help themselves!

H - Highlight
Sometimes when putting together an outfit, it's nice to highlight a special piece.  For instance if you have a pair of shoes that you want to be the star of your outfit, you can simplify your clothes so the shoes stand out.  I like to use this technique a lot, especially when I don't know what to wear.  It's an easy technique to fall back on and you can still maintain a put together look.

I - Inspiration
Finding fashion inspiration can come from anywhere.  This is one of my favorite aspects of fashion, because this is where the fun and artsy factor come into play.  I enjoy looking through fashion magazines to see pieces that I like and try to imagine what I would pair each piece with.  Inspiration can be found anywhere from nature to architecture and everything in between, so be creative and let your mind be free to imagine.

J - Jewelry
Jewelry is one of my favorite aspects of any outfit.  I love jewelry because there is an endless number of amazing pieces that can be found at a variety of price ranges.  Jewelry can transform an outfit to look more glitzy, edgy, rocker and so much more.


K - Keep Up
It is so important to keep your apparel in good condition.  Spending money on clothing items and not taking care of them is just like throwing your hard earned money away.  I take extremely good care of things that I purchase to the point that people will ask me if my shoes that I've had for over 5 years are new.  Maintaining clean, undamaged items is not hard as long as you take care of any issues you have immediately, like cleaning any stains or fixing loose buttons.  It doesn't take much work to keep up the quality of items in your wardrobe and they will last much longer.

L - LBD (Little Black Dress)
The little black dress is one of the most critical items for any woman's wardrobe.  The versatility of the LBD is what makes this item such a staple piece.  The LBD can be dressed up with a pair of pumps and jewelry, or dressed down with a jean jacket, flats and a hat.

M - Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hips)
It's important to know your proper measurements to buy garments that fit appropriately.  To find your bra size subtract the measurement (in inches) of the largest part of your bust from the measurements of the ribcage directly under your bust.  Each inch corresponds to a bra size, so a 3 inch difference is a C cup.  The measurement of the ribcage under your bust is your bandwidth, such as 34 inches.  This is where the bra sizes come from, our example would yield a bra size of 34C.  Measuring the waistline is simply done by measuring the smallest part of your torso.  The hip measurements come from measuring the largest part of your hips and derrière.  Properly measuring yourself is especially important when ordering items online, since you are likely unable to try these items on before purchasing.

N - Natural
When diving into the fashion world it is important to maintain your sense of self.  Everything you wear should feel like second nature to you.  It's nice to try new things, but it should never be forced to the point of no longer being a natural extension of yourself.

O - Organized
In order to prevent yourself from purchasing items you don't need or duplicate items, it is imperative to maintain an organized closet.  Organization is also key in getting the most wearability from your clothes.  This is simply because when you are able to see things, you tend to use them more.

P - Prints & Patterns
Prints & patterns are a sure-fire way to exude personal style.  Whether it is floral print, stripes, or an animal print, a pattern is able to make you stand apart from others.  Much like embellishments, prints & patterns can add a touch of drama to an ensemble.

Prints & Patterns

Q - Quality V. Quantity
As easy as it is to buy something you don't absolutely love because it's on sale, it's just as easy to wait for a special item that you can't go without to come around.  By only buying items that you love you will build a closet that excites you and you will rarely have that "I have nothing to wear" feeling.  I would rather have a small closet of essentials and special pieces that capture my fashion sense than have a bunch of items that I thought seemed "kinda cool" at the time, just to have a lot of clothes.

R - Research
Before buying certain items I sometimes like to research them.  Everyone's body is different and sometimes when online shopping, it is hard to determine exactly what size to buy and how the item will look on your body type or skin color.  I try to find detailed reviews on certain items that I'm interested in purchasing.  I likely wouldn't buy anything expensive without first doing research.

S - Shoes
In my opinion, shoes are the sexiest part of an outfit.  I'm a complete shoe junky and would spend all my money on shoes if I could, because for me shoes are like art.  The first thing you want to determine is your shoe size.  I know this sounds like a no brainer, but shoes come in many different sizes, such as US, Italian and UK sizes.  The next thing is to determine the width of your feet.  Once you have determined these, the next thing you'll want to do is to start trying on different types of shoes.  I find that I look best in high heels, because my calves look defined and my feet look daintier.  Your feet may look best in flats, sky high heels, or strappy shoes.  Whichever you determine, you always want to find shoes that flatter your feet the most.


T - Textiles & Textures
Playing with different textiles and textures is a fun way to keep fashion spicy.  This is one of the more challenging and interesting techniques to play around with.  Mixing different textures can create really dynamic and extremely individualized pieces.  I find this aspect of fashion very intriguing when done well.  By pairing something like a denim shirt with a furry vest and shiny jewelry, you can create a look all your own and will definitely inspire others around you to be more daring with their fashion risks.

U - Undergarments
Undergarments may be the most important parts of every outfit.  They can function in a way to enhance the wearability of certain clothing items.  It is important to be properly sized for bras and underwear as this will create a smooth line under the outfit.  It is also necessary to wear the appropriate undergarments with each outfit.  Bras come in various shapes that are meant to enhance the décolleté, thongs and boyshorts can eliminate panty lines while spanx can provide a smooth silhouette.  These are only a few examples of how undergarments can enhance your wardrobes wearability.

V - Versatile
It is important to have items in your wardrobe that are versatile.  You wouldn't want to have a wardrobe full of sequins and feathers with no basic tops to layer underneath (well maybe I would).  I find that my biggest challenge is spending money on basic items.  I would much rather buy shoes and sequined tops than a basic long sleeve white tee.  But, it is imperative for your wardrobe to have versatile items to form the basis of any outfit you wish to wear.  I know some people spend a large amount on basic items while others will do the exact opposite.  I think this is an area of personal preference; I personally like to spend very little on basic items so I can save my money for more extravagant things.  Either way, it is essential to have an array of basics to use as building blocks for any outfit.

W - Washing Instructions
Washing instructions are extremely important to pay attention to.  There are too many times that I have heard of sweaters and pants shrinking to the point of not fitting.  These issues could simply be remedied by paying close attention to the washing instructions.  Trust me, you don't want to ruin a beautiful blue wrap sweater by putting it through the dryer when the wash instructions say line dry only.  Ask me how I know!!!

X - Xperiment
Okay so I couldn't come up with an "X" word that had to do with fashion so I made one up.  Xperimenting and taking fashion risks can be so much fun.  Who wants to play it safe with fashion when you can really put it all out there.  I encourage everyone to take a fashion risk whenever they can, maybe by breaking a fashion rule like not mixing gold and silver, or by stepping out of their comfort zone with something as small as jewelry.  Enjoy fashion and keep it Xciting by Xperimenting with different looks!

Y - Yours
Fashion is completely individual to each person.  It is important to understand your likes and dislikes fashion wise.  If you don't like a certain style of clothing but are unable to determine why, you may want to revisit the style later.  The important thing to remember is that despite trends and fads, your sense of fashion should always remain your own.

Z - Zeal & Zest
Most importantly fashion should be fun!!!  Don't ever take fashion so seriously that it feels like a chore.  Through fashion I try to show my personality and sometimes exude the way I'm feeling.  Fashion is really amazing, so have fun with it!



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