2013 Spring Style

Spring is just around the corner!  As we set our clocks forward an hour and start the ever popular spring cleaning, it is about time that we begin to think of the styles we want to capture in our wardrobe for the season.  There are a multitude of trends that could be touched on, but I'm just going to focus on a few of my favorites.  This is MY list of some of the hottest spring styles that will be sure to be seen in the upcoming season.  For the most part the items pictured are items that I have or would love to have, and they capture a bit of my own personal style.

Black & White

The Black & White trend might be the biggest trend of the season, probably most notably are the black & white stripes.  Yes, that's right referee style stripes!  So go pull out that old Halloween referee costume you have stuffed in the back of your closet.

Black & White

1.  Motel
2.  Bebe, Similar (Here & Here)
3.  Mason
4.  BCBG
7.  Saint Laurent, Similar (Here)
10.  BCBG, Similar (Here)

Leather & Lace

The Leather & Lace trend is an easy way to make an ordinary outfit a bit more edgy while still keeping it girly.  A plain black tank and a black pencil skirt can be spiced up by swapping the tank for a lace tank and the black skirt with a leather pencil skirt.  The silhouette will be the same, but the effect is much more dramatic.

Leather & Lace

1.  Joie, Similar (Here)
2.  Lover
3.  All Saints, Similar (Here)
5.  ASOS
7.  Milly, Similar (Here)


The Peplum trend is an easy way to add volume to the hips while making the waistline appear smaller.  The reason this is such a coveted look is because it provides women the opportunity to "fake" the sexy hourglass shape.  The key to wearing peplum is to make sure the waistline hits you at the smallest part of your torso, giving you the illusion of the tiniest waist possible.  It is thought that primitively men are attracted to women with a small waist to hip ratio.  So if you're looking for love, try throwing on a peplum top or skirt and give the male mind a run for its money!


1.  Erin Erin Fetherston, Similar (Here)
2.  Miu Miu, Similar (Here)
3.  ASOS
5.  Carven
6.  Bebe, Similar (Here & Here)
8.  Bebe, Similar (Here)

An easy way to "fake" this look is by buying a peplum belt.  The belt allows you to attach the peplum look to any outfit without the commitment of buying a new article of clothing.

Peplum Belt

Monochromatic & Monotone

It is well known that wearing all black elongates and slims the body.  Well, this can also be said for Monochromatic & Monotone outfits.  Whether it is a pant suit or a body hugging dress with matching tights, the ultimate effect of lengthening the body line can be achieved.

Monochromatic & Monotone

1.  ASOS, Similar (Here)
2.  Victoria's Secret, Similar (Here)
3.  Sam&Lavi
4.  ASOS
6.  Valentino, Similar (Here)

Metallic Shoes

The Metallic Shoe is a trend that helps spice up a simple outfit.  The attention grabbing metallic shoe will automatically become the focal point in any outfit.  So if you are looking to spice up a drab outfit, try pairing it with a shoe that has metallic detailing.  You will instantly look chic and fashion forward!

Metallic Shoes

1.  Michael Kors, Similar (Here)
2.  Jimmy Choo, Similar (Here)
4.  Jimmy Choo, Similar (Here)
5.  Jean-Michel Cazabat, Similar (Here)
8.  Manolo Blahnik, Similar (Here)

Okay, so I went a little Jimmy Choo crazy on the shoe post but I think you get the idea of the metallic trend.

I hope you enjoy these spring styles and are able to incorporate some of your favorite styles into your wardrobe.



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