My Whirlwind Week

So I have been a little MIA from my blog lately.  This week has been one of the craziest, most amazing roller coaster weeks of my life.  My crazy week started on Wednesday when I received news that I got a job I hadn't even applied for.  The thought of starting this job is so exciting, because it's going to allow me to get much needed experience in the field of study that I got my bachelor's degree in.  My first thought was, "Oh My Gosh...What Am I Going To Wear!!!"  Never having had a job like this, I felt extremely unprepared clothing wise.

Well fast forward about 18 hours, I was texting one of my girlfriends about how I want to move from my current location (hopefully to live closer to my boyfriend).  I was looking through my email when she asked, "When will you know when you can move?"  Right as I was texting her back, "girl I don't know" I received an email saying my application decision is now available to a University that I applied to.  I was freaking out in a bad way thinking it wasn't a good sign that I got an email.  Well, to my surprise I got accepted into the University's masters program!!!  I can't even explain the excitement that was coursing through my body!  So within 1 day I got a job and accepted into school...CRAZY!!!  Oh and by the way the University just happens to be in the same city that my boyfriend is going to be living (this really couldn't have worked out any better).

So naturally I spent my week doing some not-so "retail therapy."  Shopping this week has been really different but fun.  I've been trying to find classy yet fashionable items to wear to work.  I figure that these items can double as clothes I can wear to class in the fall.  Anyways, I'm completely filled with excitement about my future and the endless possibilities it holds.  It seems as though so many doors have just flown open in my life.  I just want to encourage everyone to stay positive no matter what is going on around you and where you are in your life.  There was SO much heartache involved getting to this point, but despite all the times I fell down, I picked myself up (not always gracefully) and dusted myself off in preparation for THIS MOMENT.  All of these things didn't just happen overnight for me (well they kind of did).  But, it has been a long time coming and lots of prayers and positive energy were put out on my part!

I'm hoping to get back to blogging and show some of the items I have purchased that I feel are work appropriate yet young and fashionable!


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