Épicerie Boulud & Sushi Of Gari

To celebrate our 6 year Anniversary, my boyfriend and I decided to go eat a nice sushi dinner at a restaurant called Sushi Of Gari.  We were both in the mood for some seafood and oysters so before our sushi dinner we visited a little market called Épicerie Boulud to get some appetizers.

Épicerie Boulud

Sushi Of Gari

At Épicerie Boulud we stood at the oyster bar and enjoyed 5 different types of oysters from both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.  My favorite was a small Washington state oyster known as the Kumamoto.  I've always loved these oysters, so I think my taste for them will never stray.  The oysters were served with a housemade mignonette and cocktail sauce.

Épicerie Boulud Oysters

After the oysters, we ordered a charcuterie platter of jamón ibérico which came with almonds, marinated olives and grilled ciabatta.  It was a light, salty, crunchy, flavor packed appetizer platter.

Épicerie Boulud Charcuterie

It was definitely a white wine kind of night, as I appreciate the way that white wine pairs with most seafood.  I enjoyed a glass at Épicerie Boulud and we shared a delicious bottle of Chablis at Sushi Of Gari.  The Chablis was a citrus slightly sweet white wine that we really enjoyed.


At Sushi Of Gari we opted to get the chef selected tasting menu, known as Gari's Choice (or "Omakase").  To begin the tasting menu, we were first presented marinated shrimp and soup.  The shrimp was marinated and served with greens lending to an earthy, herbal flavor profile.  The soup was a simple broth that was served as a palate cleanser.

Marinated Shrimp & Soup

We were then presented with 3 platters of 4 different types of sushi.  (Listed from top to bottom.)

Sushi Of Gari 1
1 Torched Codfish
2 Fatty Tuna With Grated Daikon Radish & Ponzu Sauce
3 Seared Marinated Salmon
4 Japanese Baby Amberjack Topped With Jalapeño Sauce

Sushi Of Gari 2
5 Poached Lobster
6 Salmon Topped With Sauteed Tomato & Onion Sauce
7 Japanese Red Snapper Topped With Baby Greens Roasted Pine Nuts & Crispy Lotus Root
8 Tuna Topped With Tofu Sauce

Sushi Of Gari 3
9 Seared Kingfish Topped With Creamy Mushroom Sauce
10 Grilled Fatty Tuna
11 Poached Snow Crab Topped With Japanese Citrus Yuzu
12 Poached Yellowtail Topped With White Sesame Sauce

All of the sushi was prepared with such care that the pictures can't do them justice.  We found the sushi to be elegant, extremely fresh and light.  The seafood was simple, clean and spoke for itself.  The sushi chefs were able to amplify the taste of each type of seafood.  I would most recommend any of the torched or seared sushi, because the charred flavor greatly enhances the seafood.  As you can infer, we thought the sushi was exceptionally prepared and were so excited to have had such a great experience at Sushi Of Gari.

Prices: Sushi Of Gari Tasting Menu $90/Person.

Atmosphere: I would describe Épicerie Boulud as a multifaceted place, but would not necessarily consider it a restaurant.  You can stand at the bar or their small standing area to eat and drink, or you can purchase specialty items for cooking at home.

Atmosphere: I would describe Sushi Of Gari as a trendy, laid-back restaurant with a mellow atmosphere.  It has a fairly young, 20 - 40 year old crowd.  The restaurant is brightly lit with a low to moderate noise level.

Other Info: At Épicerie Boulud there is no seating, but tables to stand at.

Other Info: At Sushi Of Gari, we had a reservation and didn't have to wait before being seated.  The restaurant also features an open kitchen so you can see the chefs preparing your food.  The service you receive at this restaurant is unexpectedly high end.

Overall Rating: Épicerie Boulud ❤❤❤❤

Overall Rating: Sushi Of Gari ❤❤❤❤❤


  1. looks wayyyy too delicious!



    1. Thanks hun!!! It was truly an experience!


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