Burch Steak

Last Thursday my friends and I went to a new trendy restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis called Burch Steak.  Being that this place is fairly new, it was quite busy at 9:30 on a Thursday night.

Burch Steak

Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately struck by the floor to ceiling windows surrounding the restaurant.  I thought it was cool that the inside of the restaurant was visible from the streets outside.  When looking into the space it looks modern and possibly unwelcoming, but upon walking into the restaurant I quickly realized the atmosphere was warm and not as cold as I had originally thought it would feel.

Burch Steak Restaurant

My girlfriend and I got to the restaurant about 15 minutes early and as we were trying to find seating at the bar, one of the bartenders said if we wanted more room we could sit at one of the bench style tables, which were meant to handle any overflow from the bar.  I thought this was a great idea because so often when waiting for a reservation I wait at the bar and frequently the bar is completely full.  While sitting at the long table, we had some time to look over the menu.  The wine menu was very extensive especially on the side of the red wines, since these tend to pair better with steaks and pizzas.  There were also a number of specialty cocktails to choose from.  When we were seated at our table the first thing we noticed was that the desserts were laid out in a corner so we were able to see the various dessert options.

For dinner I decided to start my meal with pickled tomatoes, mascarpone, bread crumbs (not shown on the online menu as it may be a seasonal option, the picture obviously does it no justice).  I also wanted to try 1 of the 6 dumpling options they have, so I got the bone marrow, consommé, star anise dumplings.  There were a few other dumplings circulating around the table.  I was able to have a bite of the cheese dumpling with lamb stroganoff, which I thought was delicious (also not listed on the online menu).

Pickled Tomatoes, Mascarpone, Bread Crumbs
Bone Marrow, Consommé, Star Anise Dumplings
❤❤❤❤❤                                                                                       ❤❤❤❤

After the starters I was surprised by how full I was feeling (I think it was all the dumplings).  For the meal I had the scallop, foie boudin blanc, carrot purée.  The scallop was perfectly cooked and the sausage was delicate and creamy.  The carrot purée paired well with the scallop and sausage and added a sweetness to the plate.

Scallop, Foie Boudin Blanc, Carrot Purée

Overall I thought the meal was lovely and my friend's birthday dinner was really nice!

Prices: Wines are $20 - 400 per Bottle.  Steak Menu Plates are $20 - 90.

Atmosphere: I would describe Burch Steak as a trendy, upscale restaurant with a mellow atmosphere and a mixed age crowd.  The restaurant is dimly lit with a moderate noise level.

Other Info: At Burch Steak we had a reservation and only waited because we arrived early.  The upper level where we were is the steak restaurant and the lower level is the pizza restaurant.  Each level of the restaurant has a different menu.  The restaurant also features an open kitchen where you can see the chefs preparing your food.

Overall Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤


  1. You make me wanna go to my all-you-can-eat buffet right now.

  2. Yummy, the food looks delicious! If I ever visit, I will go to this restaurant.


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